Black Dog Fitness Easy Start

We are now offering the Black Dog Fitness Easy Start program that incorporates our popular BURN and Level 1 programs for a discount. Learn more about the program below!

BURN is a fitness methodology based on the core principles of HIIT, and traditional Strength and Conditioning programs. BURN is designed for anyone seeking self-improvement, whatever that means to YOU. Classes are team-oriented to develop social connections, build a passionate fitness community, and encourage participants to push one another.

Level 1 is based on the plan you choose, this includes advanced weight lifting, access to our Better Human App team, community events, priority registration for specialty courses and more! Together we ensure your health objectives and needs are met while putting you on an exciting and realistic path to achieving your goals.

The Black Dog Fitness Easy Start program includes:

  • 2 months of Burn/2 months of Level 1
  • 4 month Contract
  • BONUS Discount with flat rate for all 4 months, additional 10% off for ACTIVE military


BD Start UP Packages (and discounts) available to fit currently lifestyle, priorities, and fitness needs. Please schedule your Free No Sweat and intro with us today to meet the team and discuss the program that will best suit you!