Black Dog Bio

Who is BlackDog Health & Fitness?

Welcome to Lawton's Best Sweat at Black Dog Health & Fitness! Originally affiliated for 6 years, we have served our members proudly and are incredibly excited to continue our journey building of healthier, happier humans with our Local and Military members of Lawton and it's surrounding community!

Whether you are looking to max your deadlift, PR your Fran time, or just get off of the couch to live long and prosper for yourself and those you love.

We're here to guide you throughout your fitness journey!

We are a full-service facility, offering a variety of group classes, monthly nutrition consultations, and more. Our monthly consultations can be purchased separately or completed as a part of your gym experience.
This gives you complete freedom to not only enjoy our amazing culture, hit a good WOD, but also have the personalized touch needed for your specific nutrition and fitness goals.