BURN: BD Fit Burn; BD Burn

The single most important thing a human can do for their health is exercise regularly. Therefore, a fit BODY is a healthy body, and a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and spirit. BURN is a fitness methodology based on the core principles of CrossFit, HIIT, and traditional Strength and Conditioning programs.

BD Burn is one of our most popular programs to date! This class runs every day, Monday through Saturday and is perfect for the beginner to intermediate member looking to build strength, burn calories, and have a tight-knit and fun tribe to back it all up! This class is led by one of the professional coaches from the introduction to our loud and proud breakdown finisher. The focus for this class includes the basics of functional resistive training and intermediate aerobic progressions (AKA cardio) to maximize the quality of life, body composition, and progressive movement.
*No Olympic Lifting Involved & Minimal use of Barbell during sessions.