Garage Dawg Programs

Garage Dawgs Daily Workouts -

Functional training for long term health and wellness, geared towards the everyday busy individual who wants to be able to have their fitness and live life too! Daily workouts include 4 versions for the competitive, intermediate, beginner, and the new to fitness member

GD Elements -

This is Perfect for anyone who is 0-6 months into exercise or is just starting their fitness journey!

This 8 week introductory program is centered around easy flow aerobic conditioning and the basics of full body resistance.

GD Basics -

Designed for members with limited equipment, space, or time. GD-Basics is a spin off of our daily workouts so that you have all options available... And no excuses needed.

GD Intermediate:

This is for the person stepping their activity level up but not quite to the advanced level yet. Maybe your gymnastic and olympic lifting skills aren't quite yet where they will be, this is where you can start to step those up while still practicing great technique. Jump in and have fun learning what scaled options work for you and where you can push a little harder!


This is advanced level fitness for life training. If you've competed, love pushing yourself to a new level, have several years of experience with fitness for fun and sport, you'll love this option! Scale as needed to keep the stimulus intended and get after it!