Individualized Programming

What is IDP, Exactly?

What is IDP, Exactly?


  • IDP is personal training at a 1/4 the cost. It's goal oriented and 100% individualized.
  • It's for any and all fitness levels.
  • For anyone looking to live their best life and have their fitness reflect their priorities.

Through consultation and assessment, we figure out what motivates and drives your priorities, how your health and fitness goals can align with those priorities, any strengths and weaknesses that can be considered, and what a personalized program would look like to address all of the above.

Our goal is for a lifetime of health and fitness, not short term and unsustainable results. On the lifelong path to become a better human, you'll learn how to manage your lifestyle and priorities in a manner that leads you to success.

Through monthly consult check ins, we'll make sure that your continuing down a path that leads to success. We'll also address any road bumps that may come up. This constant communication is critical to ensuring success on both ends.

Consultation | Assessment | Program Design | Communication.

A recipe for lifelong health and fitness.