This is a great place for all, but in my eyes this is much better for the Military Athlete. The trainers really invest themselves to ensure proper technique and safety with all patrons. Its really awesome that workouts can be catered to a specific criteria instead of just the WOD's. I feel much more confident going into higher echelon military schools with the type of training that was built for me. Thanks again Black Dog. I have highly recommended to multiple individuals from my current Unit and most of them are coming in for the beginners class. This is how fitness should be. Again thank you for helping me reach my goals and motivating me when I have those moments where I feel like I cant go harder. The workouts are difficult but like I said I already feel better prepared than I would have doing it on my own. THANK YOU!

Kyle Bushey

For people like me who aren't impressed with flashy designs & brand-new everything, and are more concerned with what they get out of the services, this place is top notch. The staff and members are welcoming and there's a definite emphasis on doing things correctly rather than speed or the amount of weight lifted. Darren does a good job with the fundamentals class, something that many other gyms don't even feature. I'd definitely recommend this place for either beginners or experienced crossfitters.

Michael Echan

Most places charge an arm and a leg to drop in, but not these guys. From day one of my visit, they were all extremely accommodating. I follow my own programming and I was given free range of the gym for the month I was in town. This place is what the crossfit community is all about. Big thanks to Black Dog.

Kevin Mantovani

I was visiting from out of town and did a drop in class. It was a great experience. The people were friendly and welcoming. They helped me get acquainted with their box. The owner Darren was awesome. If you are in the Lawton area, I recommend stopping in for a class. The facility is huge!

Valerie Schell

Great coaches. Awesome members. They put on great events and their athletes represent at local events with incredible sportsmanship. Love this place.

Daniel Stephenson

Awesome atmosphere to be in. A lot of positive energy flowing through the gym and great trainers to work with.

Mara Reneu00e9

Best workout I've ever had. It was fun and challenging! Will definitely be back.

Brianna Elmore

Love it! Everyone here is very helpful and super nice. Also they are kid friendly which is a huge plus for us. We are new to cross fit and anytime we need help or do not know something someone is always there to assist and help us along!

Andrea Bryan Pierce

Most awesome workout you'll ever have with the best people to help you reach your goals!!! LOVE IT!

Janet Lynn Wise

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